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Acylic on italian canvas, "Dream" , 50 X 50 cm ,2021 "


Acrylic on Canvas Lucifer " , 39X60  cm  2021 


Acylic on italian canvas, Lucifer " , 47x51  cm Raz Negev, 2021

My name is Raz Negev ( Israel ) , I have been painting since I can remember.    My inspiration    com e s
from the subject anatomy    and questions    about the human psyche. Most of my works are acrylic paintings.
I studied and spent a lot of time and for years of ancient searches,    by looking deeply at powerful paintings    from the period of art history. My project in recent years focuses on special characteristics    of the inner psychology,    the anatomical    exterior of the person, and an emphasis    on the beauty of creation for what this whole conveys    to the level of feeling. The connection    between co lors and emotions    is very close, focusing on professional    techniques    in acrylic to express the anatomy,    and to invent my chances    to describe    a symphony    of color results and emotions.    I like to
dive into my work. It can bring me into relationship    with the w orld and with others. I think this is why when a person looks at one of my paintings,    everyone    finds themselves    in a series of emotions    that leads to emotional    and psychological    thinking.    I am interested    and intrigued    by the
feelings I convey to people who view my works. People describe    completely    different sensations
from what I can find and can't. It makes me realize that painting has the ability to appreciate
different emotions    especially    to the person who looks at them.

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