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Dimension 40 x 50 cm Oil on canvas 


Dimension 30 x 20 cm Oil on canvas 


Dimension 40 x 50 cm Oil on canvas 

I’m self-taught and my artistic journey started in 2019. In my opinion, when it comes to art, emotions, honesty and courage are the most important. These three aspects have shaped my path to finding my own style. I haven’t graduated from any art schools, nor have I finished any painting or drawing courses. However, I don’t see that as a disadvantage since my art is not supposed to depict beauty, but emotions that most people suppress. This message gives us the opportunity to stand face-to-face with what makes us hurt or with what is difficult to deal with. I aspire for my paintings to be a catharsis experience for others. Something that will help them cope with hardships on the emotional level, since that is exactly what my art is to me. When I paint, I pour all my feelings onto the canvas and show what it is that I feel in the moment.

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