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Title : - Inferno

      medium - Oil on canvas ( technique )

     Dimensions - 48" inches x 60" inches


Title - Reflection

     Medium - Oil on canvas ( technique )

    Dimensions - 48" inches x 60" inches


Title - Endurance

     Medium - Oil on canvas ( technique )

     Dimensions - 24" inches x 36" inches

About the artist:
Divyaman Singh is a self-taught artist based in Noida, India. He works with oil and acrylic on canvas. His paintings often depict emotions and natural beauty. He believes great art always brings with it a certain aura making you feel alive every time you see it. Divyaman expresses on canvas through using bare hands, palette knife and the brush. He has exhibited in New Delhi’s prominent art galleries and in few international online exhibitions too.



Painting is a conversation between me and my canvas. Art is my essence of being and life is my muse. I feel truly at home only when surrounded by forests and mountains. My bond with nature was strengthened growing up in Chaugain, a village in the Buxar district of Bihar. It is where my heart still lies.

Divyaman Pic.jpg
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