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Light and night

40.6 x 40.6 x 2.9 (cm)


1,163.20 euro


Material oil pastels 

Method Pigment print on canvas 

Limited Edition 1/1, UV protection 2set


Dee's art. can be described as a complex and intertwined study of human emotions, feelings and state. a complex and intertwined study of human emotions, feelings and state. 


Artists' signature on the back of the canvas

Hologram Certificate of Authenticity


DEE is a Model, Photographer and Artist focusing on the medium of painting.


Due to the sometimes solitary nature of the modeling industry, DEE was able to explore some of the different human emotions such as loneliness, especially felt when travelling abroad to new countries.


While not always having the words not express his emotions verbally due to language barriers, DEE found that through his art he was able to connect and express himself in another way, which broke down the barriers that he faced.


Through painting, questions about humans were raised. DEE became curious about the different emotions of each human being and the stories of others. DEE wanted to reflect on life through art, asking questions that arise in the process, and communicating with the world.


DEE is currently working in partnership with a fellow artist called MIAI under the name of; MIAI&DEE. The two, who have opposite personalities and tendencies, have been dating for five years, but are inspired by each other in the process of resembling each other, continuing the play ensemble.


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