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Cracks in the brickwork

40 x 30 cm 2023

Monoprint in acrylic, finished in oils on card


250 EUR

Also available as a limited fine art print

31426 1.jpg


90 x 120 cm 2022

Marker, pencil, acrylic using monoprinting and airbrush

Collaboration Urs N. & A


Price on request

Noser_Sturm RGB_Rohscan (600 2.jpg

Storm over cornfield

50 x 70cm 2022


with acrylic finished with oils on cotton canvas


Private collection

Also available as a limited fine art print


We are visual artists Anderyau   (fine art, print-making) and Urs  N photography, 
digital art, print -making, surreal and abstract).  
We create works that result from subconscious impulses and intuitive processes  by embracing an experimental approach in     the realm of Visual Arts. To breathe 
life into our visions we combine     Mixed Media and Collage techniques.
The artist explores and takes advantage of nuances in textures and their 
resulting imagery to convey transiency. Landscapes and the weather are her 
subjects as well as imagery produced by patterns. She began exclusively with 
oils and  now incorporates acrylic motifs via screenprint and monoprint to     transfer atmosphere     and mood to artworks.
Urs N. 
The artist displays a broad interest in various forms of creative expression. He 
enjoys experimenting with different techniques and materials to create unique artwork, placing a great emphasis on the process of creation and the freedom of creative expression. In the past, the artist has gained experience with manipulating images through 
digital programs and creating prints using various techniques such as the Gelly method and screen printing. In his s    urreal and abstract paintings, he allows their ideas and concepts to grow and develop organically.
The artist has a talent for utilizing different textures and patterns to create a 
diversity of visual elements in their artwork. The element of unpredictabi    lity plays 
a significant role in achieving unique and unexpected results.
Instagram @a_r_t_r_i_p, web art

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