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A la luz de las velas.jpeg

"A la luz de las velas", Chalk pastel on Torreón paper, 2022. 100cm x 70cm, 2022 [Unavailable]


Bodegón, Oil on canvas, 2022. 46 cm x 55cm

Aphrodite in her Bath.jpg

"Aphrodite in her bath", Chalk pastels on toned paper, 2019. 59,4 cm x 84,1 cm [Available]


 "Passiflora", Acrylic on hand-stretched canvas 2019-2022. 150cm x 100cm [Available]

Caro is a Galician born artist based in South London. Her work is inspired by her nostalgia and homesickness from her emigration to the UK at a young age, and the exploration of her Colombian mixed heritage. She works across large scale oil paintings, photography, poetry, and short films to understand herself and bring a visual, physical expression of her inside world to spaces outside of herself. Through her fascination with regional history, she is focusing on Galician Costumbrista scenes depicting the rural life she grew up with in the North of Spain. Although she considers herself primarily a painter, Caro refuses to confine herself to one medium.

Caro loves emphasizing energies and life in her paintings. Although they are still images, her memories of those moments move and laugh, confide in her and tell her stories. When painting she brings this conversation and intimacy to the viewers of her work. She makes studies in the moment, quick paintings on canvases or colour pencil sketches as things happen. These visual memory fragments are later used in the development of realist paintings as final culminations of extensive bodies of work.

She also connects with photography to gain an outside view of herself. “Who am I outside of who I have been told I am? Who can I be? A saint on a pedestal? A creature lurking behind house doors? Perhaps I am no one. Perhaps I am all of you.” For her, photography is an exploration of possibilities, alter-egos, the divine, and her body. She achieves this through ambient portraits with strong energies, intimate photo-series, and narrative styles.

Her photography works have an almost silent but incredibly powerful aura to them as she leans into feminine rage and the divine feminine as creator and destroyer. A type of rebirth through images.

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